UltrasonicCutting ofHoneycomb

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CRENO Ultrasonic cutting


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CRENO Ultrasonic cutting



Vertical machining of parts for better waste evacuation
Preparation possible during cutting operations thanks to the external table and shuttle pallets device
Pre-configured option combining traditional machining with ultrasonic cutting for specific materials such as aluminum honeycomb, resin, etc.
Cartesian drive with state-of-the-art Siemens NC controller
Perfectly optimized trajectories with control acting as a continuous 7th axis for the ultrasonic knife
Automatic heads and tool changer
To comply with the very strict standards to reduce noise levels in jet engines, over the last 15 years, CRENO has developed a Helmholtz resonance based solution known as “acoustic drilling” to produce sound traps. This combined “machine/process” approach provides unequaled drilling quality and productivity (35 holes per second) on robot cell or 5-axis machine.


CRENO is known worldwide to have delivered numerous gantry CNC 3/5 axis machines of large dimensions dedicated to composites milling (carbon fibers, thermosetting material, thermoplastics…).
In 2015, we added robot cell solutions to our range of products for milling composite parts and materials.


Stack router automates the sheet trimming process with a very high level of productivity and quality thanks to the “bridge-cut” system created by CRENO. From your 2D CAD files, the machine generates the optimal nesting in order to minimize waste. Trimming, drilling and surfacing are automatically and simultaneously performed on aluminum sheet stacks of up to 12 mm (0.47 in).

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